Monday, 3 March 2008


Just got the book and found this group, and was happy to see someone has already worked on what I want my first project to be: the Shawl collar. And I optimistically want to work about 80% of the patterns!

I first found out about the book from Jean's Knitting blog where she did the Linked Ribs (November 17, 2007 posting) and I was already thinking of what I would be doing with leftover mohair from the Rowan Earth Stripe Wrap (that I'm still slowly working on, of course). I'm MaryjoO on Ravelry and Flickr.

How did everyone else find out about the book?


Helen said...

I can't remember how I found out about it - in fact I can't remember life without it :)

sarah in brooklyn said...

i think i found this site just drifting around through knitting blog links, and i'm so happy i did!

i just got the book and tomorrow i hit the yarn store!

MaryjoO said...
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MaryjoO said...

I just deleted a comment I did because there was a ridiculous error in it and I don't know how to "edit" comments. LOL
Anyway, I have to laugh about "life without the book." I spent last night swatching from my stash, and came to the conclusion you can use just about anything you want: you just have to decide how "wide" you want the "arms" to be. I tried some wool that was so thick in the ribbing that you could have worn it to the North Pole! So I think I'll make it in a Karabella Aurora 8-- wool, but not so "heavy". I tried some other fine wool, but thought since winter is just about over I didn't want something that will turn out actually very warm.

sarah in brooklyn said...

i figure i'll spend this whole summer making holiday gifts from The Book.

- Steffi - said...

I stumbled upon this book in a bookshop in Oulu, Finland, late last year whilst on holiday. Bought it on the spot (while the husband was looking the other way)!