Saturday, 15 March 2008


Here's my Tilted Blocks. What a fun and easy project - I feel very accomplished. The yarn is Lanas Stop Maxi Stop, acrylic and wool. I wanted something really chunky, but also want to make this scarf again with something more delicate.

I went to Purl yesterday and bought some linen for the Cocoons scarf. Since it's been stuck in my head that it's called Clouds, I'm making it in a lovely sky blue. If it goes well, pics will follow.


LynneB said...

Tilted looks great - I'm glad you had fun knitting it.

Maybe those soft little white puffs of batting inspired you to call the scarf Clouds. And, it may also be more appealing to think about putting clouds around your neck instead of cocoons?!

sarah in brooklyn said...

heh, i think i did picture the little puffs as clouds. it looks so pretty in sky blue!