Wednesday, 5 March 2008

Many hourglasses!

Hi everyone,

I was planning to knit the Black Pearls next, but I knitted the Hourglass instead.
The book said Koigu Kersti, but I used 3 hanks of Koigu KPM (grayish purple) for MC and 1 hank of Koigu KPPPM (yellow mix) for CC.
It was my first knitting with Koigu yarn, and I liked their delicate colors.

I made a modification from the book, which is repeat the pattern all the way to the end instead of work K2, P2 rib for 15” in the middle part. Many hourglasses!

I didn’t notice using 2 strands of yarns held together until start reading the pattern… which I don’t like doing it! But I like the finished scarf, it made all the effort of untangling two strands of yarn worthwhile.
Seems like winter is already over in L.A., but I want to wear the scarves I knitted from this book until I get sweaty!



LynneB said...

Love your hourglass.

I visited your mosaic house project online. It's beautiful and impressive!

sarah in brooklyn said...

wow, that's beautiful!

MaryjoO said...

beautiful gray colors (which I always like) -- nice!

Oiyi said...

Looks wonderful on you!

Sunny said...

To lynneb,sarah in brooklyn, maryjoo, oiyi;

Sorry for the late reply...
Thanks for the comments!
I'm knitting the "black pearls" now, hopefully I can post it soon.


Monica Silva said...

This knit scarf does look warm, and thick. It's very nice. I'm in L.A. so I know what you mean when you say that -winter's gone in L.A. but you want to wear the scarf anyway.

Did you knit it for yourself or will give it away?