Sunday, 9 March 2008

Tilted Blocks Finished

Two balls of Silk Garden, 5mm needles, February 15th to March 1st. It came out at 75" (I just knitted until I didn't have enough yarn left for another complete block). This was perfect television/travelling knitting - enough interest to keep me going and prevent me from making silly mistakes out of boredom, but simple and very portable.


MaryjoO said...

nice scarf, but seriously: where do you live where it's SO green now? LOL

sarah in brooklyn said...

so pretty!! i'm making that scarf now, and i wish i'd used a multicolored yarn, but it's for a man, so i thought it needed to be more serious and one colored and chunky. next one, maybe.

Vivienne said...

I'm in England, where it's early spring - the main shrub is a buddleia, which always comes into leaf early, and the lower bits of green are a periwinkle which is evergreen. Most of the trees are still bare with just the beginnings of buds, honestly!