Wednesday, 5 March 2008

Book errata?

Forgive me if this has already been covered here:

Is there any book errata? I looked on Melanie Falick's site and there was nothing under this book's title.



Helen said...

There's a page for errata at but there aren't any errata. What exactly are you having trouble with?

LynneB said...

STC, the publisher, has a page for errata - STC KNS errata. So far there aren't any... knock on wood.
Are you having trouble with a pattern? I would be happy to help.

MaryjoO said...

I'm very embarrassed, but no, I'm not having any problems. I'm setting myself up for starting something this weekend, and I always look for the errata before I start a "new book."
Yay that there are no issues!

LynneB said...

No reason to be embarrassed Maryjoo. It sounds like an excellent idea to look for errata first. For as many eyes that patterns pass by on their way to print, some seem to always miss detection. Guess I'm lucky so far!

It's wonderful to have you posting and commenting here, and I'm looking forward to pictures and details of your knitting.

diananel said...

I'm having trouble with the instructions for the multi-colored Tilted Blocks. I'm not an expert knitter. For more than one color, the instructions say "BO 3 st. With the new block color, knit 1 stitch and BO remaining st of previous color. Cut the yarn from the previous block, leaving a tail. Continuing wth yarn for the new block, K1-f/b, knit to last 2 st." etc.
My question, how do you "continue" if you have bound off all the stitches?

Helen said...

Dear diananel,

You don't bind off all the stitches: it reads 'bind off remaining st of previous color', not 'remaining sts'. So you bind off 3, knit 1 and then BO one remaining st, and then cut the old yarn etc.

I only did Tilted Blocks in one colour, but I kept forgetting what direction I was going in so I added a scrap of waste yarn on the front to keep me straight - but maybe that's just me :)

diananel said...

Thanks Helen,
Once I started knitting, it made perfect sense. In fact it was a bit "duh" :) I tend to read the directions first and I was having trouble visualizing. I've got 7 blocks done in 2 colors of the Rowan chunky. Thanks for your help.

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