Wednesday, 5 March 2008

Drifting pleats

I'm on a bit of a yarn diet this year, but I have four balls of Rooster Almerino Aran in the stash that I thought would be perfect for a soft, drapey scarf. So last night I cast on for Drifting Pleats.

It's tricky, but it had me sitting there in awe of Lynne, for thinking the whole scheme up, and also of her tech editor! I can imagine it might have made mere mortals rip their hair out -- it would have been difficult to test and hard to get the pattern into a form that wasn't too prescriptive and yet conveyed the necessary technical information to create the pleats.

I'm interested in the fact that every time I pause and think, 'Could this possibly be the right way to do this?' I can trust the pattern (and my intuition) and it works!


Helen said...

Ooooh, pictures, please. I'm sure there's a Drifting Pleats in my future but I just keep doing easier things instead. Perhaps you will inspire me.

LynneB said...

Hi Little Red Hen. I think I’m seeing a poultry theme here! I’d never heard of Rooster Almerino Aran, so I googled and found it at Laughing Hens. Is it your yarn?

Sue McCain was the tech editor, and she’s also tech editor for the book I’m currently working on. I think she’s amazing too, and she has an endless reservoir of patience.

I have to again give credit to my friends Bonnie & Cheryl, who were invaluable during the fine tuning of the patterns. While they knit through my first drafts of those complicated patterns with all the dpns, I observed and listened to their comments. Their feedback helped present the patterns in the simplest, most logical and understandable format.

MaryjoO said...

Oh, pls. keep on posting about this. Is this scarf a "I have a free weekend and want to do this and don't bother me scarf? One of the many good things about knitting: sometimes we REALLY want our brains engaged!