Tuesday, 11 March 2008

Habu Textiles/Substitution

I went to the Habu Textiles showroom today (some days living in New York is a good thing!). They have discontinued the cotton linen cord used for the Cocoons scarf. I could order it from Japan, but only in huge quantities.

I like the texture of that blend for that scarf - does anyone have another yarn like it that they'd recommend?


LynneB said...

Hi Sarah. Louet Euroflax might be a good substitute. I can't recommend it from personal experience, but it's similar in weight/yardage and you would only need one skein. I found it on the Purl Soho website. Looks like it comes in some beautiful colors too.

Maybe the nice people at Purl would be able to confirm whether it would be a good substitution since they carry both Louet and Habu.

sarah in brooklyn said...

thank you! i will get over there and ask - it's a lovely store.