Thursday, 13 March 2008

Chickens and roosters and hens, oh my

> Hi Little Red Hen. I think I’m seeing a poultry theme here! I’d never heard of Rooster Almerino Aran, so I googled and found it at Laughing Hens. Is it your yarn?

That's a pretty funny coincidence! No, not my yarn -- I spin a little but nothing so soft and nice as this yarn. Rooster is a UK brand.

And while I will be more than happy to post some piccys of my Drifting Pleats when I've progressed a little, we're having a pretty awful heatwave here and it's beginning to feel like someone's cancelled autumn! I am working on finishing a light lace shawl rather than this thicker scarf.

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LynneB said...

Seems like spinning is on the rise. I'm not sure I have the patience, but I'll never say never... well maybe for a few things.

I understand not wanting to knit something heavy in a heatwave. I'll look forward to some pictures when your weather turns cooler.