Saturday, 23 February 2008


i just wanted to say hi. i just ordered Knitting New Scarves, and i can't wait to get started.

one thing i'd love to hear opinions on: i can't wear wool, so any suggestions and advice about non-wool yarns to use for these patterns would be great.

i hope i'll have something to show you soon - just be gentle, i'm not a great knitter - yet!


LynneB said...

Welcome Sarah.

Shawl Collar is knit with Blue Sky Cotton. LittleRedHen posted below about knitting it.

I'll take a look at some non-wool yarns and let you know what I find that might be good substitutes. Hopefully, knitters who read your post will share some recommendations.

Helen said...

I knitted Aria with Rowan's Natural Silk Aran and Steffi used Salima, a cotton blend, for Stacked Wedges. There are links to these in the Labels section of the side bar.

LynneB said...

Hi Sarah – It may be a while before I get to a yarn shop to look at non-wool yarns, so I wonder whether the following two books may be helpful to you. ‘No Sheep for You’, by Amy Singer, and ’The Knitter’s Book of Yarn’, by Clara Parkes.

sarah in brooklyn said...

thank you all! i can't wait to get started! i just wish the book would arrive.

i'm pretty confident i'll be able to substitute non-wool, and luckily i have some wool-friendly friends, so there will be lots of knitting!