Tuesday, 11 December 2007

Thanks for the Thoughts

Thanks for the thoughts about the Meandering Not Stripes. I still think the tweed doesn't show up the structure enough, and anyway it looks better in stripes (fancy that!) because they show off the structure too. I was looking at the Tilted Squares I already did and decided to do that again, because it's a fun shape, and I am putting to the back of my mind the thought that the recipient would really like Shag. Still, I don't have to decide just yet, because I am still busy with the second Noro Shag. I'm still endlessly fascinated by the colour changes. Oh good, there's a turquoise bit coming up, I think.

1 comment:

LynneB said...

I really do love the changing colors on this scarf. Seems like the length of each color in Noro is long enough to work a complete flap.