Thursday, 6 December 2007

Hourglass Special

Hi Knitters,
I finished up the hourglass scarf and I love it. What a fun project. This is actually the first knitalong I've ever joined but how could I resist?Koigu Kerstie is such a treat to knit, squishy, yummy yarn. I made a few modifications from the original pattern. I made mine a bit wider and I shortened the length between the hourglass shaping. I also made mine quite a bit longer than suggested. That's the good thing about making your own scarf. You can make it however wide and long you'd like. This was a quick, quick and fun knit.

Yay scarf knitting!
best, susan b anderson


LynneB said...

Susan, thanks for joining the knitalong. Love seeing your version of hourglass. Seems if the rib between shaping was shortened enough, the scarf might look like a series of circles ...maybe.
Everyone should check out Susan's blog to see her books and patterns (some free). They are such creatively, cute knits for little ones.

Harper said...

Looks great! Although I want to knit many of the scarves in the book, this cover one didn't appeal. Your modifications and color choices have made the wheels start to churn -- but I must cast-on Cocoons first.

DebbieG said...

I really admire your Hourglass scarf, but I am a little confused about how to add the contrast color in the slip stitch section. i've reread the directions many times and I don't see how to get color A in the mix so you can slip it. Otherwise I would love to knit this.