Monday, 31 December 2007


I've been getting some satisfying feedback from the people I gave scarves to for Christmas. The recipient of the pink Tilted Blocks said she opened the parcel and thought, 'Well, that isn't going to work,' but when she put it on, it did.

The silvery blue Aria has gone to Paris with its new owner to see in the New Year.

I didn't finish the Tahoe Shag until well after Christmas, yesterday I think. It took one ball of Lorna's Laces Shepherd Sport in the shade Lake Tahoe and it's about 52 inches long, but I think it'll stretch in wear.

Sylvester can be seen modelling it here. It can be worn hanging, or knotted once, or en jabot like Vivienne.

I liked the daintiness of this one but I don't think it really occurred to me that as the yarn made smaller flaps, it would take me much longer to knit the length I wanted. Doh. How long have I been knitting?

The colours are lovely anyway.

I haven't heard from the recipient of the Manos Shag yet, and the recipient of the green Tilted Blocks was so overwhelmed by the earrings I gave her that she forgot to mention the scarf.

And did anyone give me a scarf? Well, they did, but it wasn't a knitted one so that's all right.

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LynneB said...

Hope all your friends that received scarves are enjoying your knitting.

Sylvester looks a bit wide eyed ...maybe he's seeing spots from the flash.