Thursday, 6 December 2007

Finished Parallelograms

The Parallelograms scarf is done. I'm pretty pleased with the results. I only used one skein of each color. I wish Tahki's Chelsea Silk was still available.

I have another skein of each of the colors and a friend of mine who loves the Parallelograms is getting those for Christmas. She has the book on order. We're planning a mini-knit-a-long for after the first of the year. Just the two of us making some of the more challenging patterns.

I also knit another Tilted Squares scarf yesterday. Haven't taken the time to photo it yet. Maybe tonight at our knitting group holiday party. It would be nice to see it on an actual person.


Helen said...
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Helen said...

That's lovely; I like the colours. I'm looking forward to seeing your Tilted Blocks as the one I made is a Xmas present so I haven't seen it on a person yet either (well, me, but that doesn't really count).

LynneB said...

Very pretty in pink and beautifully knit! Worth weaving in ends?!