Wednesday, 19 December 2007

Shag scarf

This is my first project from the book, probably the first of many. I used Colinette Tagliatelli. One hank makes a short scarf--I won't be wrapping it around my neck a few times, but it's going to be a fun scarf to wear.


Helen said...

That's gorgeous. What colour is it? Is it Neptune?

LynneB said...


Your scarf looks about 32", the same length as Vivienne's I close? Do you recall how much yardage was in the skein of Tagliatelli and what needle size you used?

Lisa said...

The scarf is closer to 40 inches, but it may get longer after I wear it! :) Tagliatelli has about 150 yards per skein, and I used a size 10 needle. If I was making it over again, I might try a 11. But then it wouldn't be as long. Oh well, I'm a loose knitter, so 11's may have been too large for me anyway.
The color is Dusk, which really isn't as blue as it looks in the photo. I've made a pair of socks in the Dusk colorway also, won't I be coordinated!?!