Wednesday, 21 November 2007

Wobbly scarf

Hey all, I started the 'stacked wedges' the other day and it seems to be looking good so far!

Yarn details:
  • 'Salima' from On Line yarns
  • Colour #3 (colour chart here)
  • 60% cotton/20% acrylic/15% linen/5% polyamid
  • 80metres=50 grams.

I'm using 5mm needles and it measures 13.5cm across. I have five balls of this yarn, so I think I might just keep going until it's all gone, because I can say very honestly that I'm bad at using scraps!

From the pictures in the book, the short rows and garter ridges show up very clearly, but due to the nature of the yarn I'm using, those details are a bit lost in the texture that the yarn creates, but hey, this book teaches us that not everything is 'right' or 'wrong', doesn't it? I've found that not hiding the wraps creates a smoother line that I prefer.

This one is set to become a chrissie pressie for a mate of mine here who definitely doesn't read this blog and so the secret is safe!


Anonymous said...

This looks really nice. I always enjoy seeing the stitches swishing in one direction and then the other. Is a "chrissie pressie" a Christmas present?

Steffi said...

Tee hee! Indeed, a 'chrissie pressie' is a Christmas present! Prime example of Australian culture :-)