Friday, 23 November 2007

Getting Started

Hello all. I've been happily browsing the book since it arrive a few days ago, trying to decide where to start. I decided to ease myself in gently with 'Shag', using a very nearly complete ball of left over Debbie Bliss 'Maya' (since it worked so well for Helen). Apologies for the poor photo - dark green is never easy to photograph well, and artificial light really doesn't help. This is my second attempt, the first having been ripped out late at night because it didn't look right, and I was too tired to work out why. So far this time it's going smoothly, although it's mystifying my husband.

I have also set myself the challenge of seeing how many scarves I can knit from the book without buying new yarn. I'm afraid the answer may well be "most of them".


LynneB said...

Glad to read your second attempt at Shag is going well. Maybe your first attempt was different from the pattern, but interesting? I've seen a Shag where the knitter alternated flaps on each side, instead of working them on the same side.

You must have quite a stash!

Harper said...

Yikes. It is too late for me to knit only from my stash for the first couple of scarves I want to knit but I like the idea of a stash-only challenge. Sometimes when we set constraints like that we make atypical color/yarn choices that turn out great. Definitely something to try. And it might make me try some of the patterns because I have the yarn that fit them.