Tuesday, 13 November 2007

Stacked Wedges

Here's the current scarf project, Stacked Wedges. I'm using only one color since that's more appealing to me than multiple colors. I may try using more colors another time. I don't know where that blue light is coming from. The scarf is really just plain gray tweed.

It's really an enjoyable knit. Easy but not boring. I'm rediscovering how much fun garter stitch can be.


Steffi said...

Looks great! I find the single colour more attractive, too.

LynneB said...

Your scarf looks great... I really love just the solid too. Including a solid version of this scarf in the book was Melanie’s idea. Thank you Melanie!

Plain gray!? Larry, I know you love gray – I’ve seen your blog, knitdad.blogspot.com. How about early morning mist... or storm grey... phantom grey... whisper grey... glacier... smoke... wicked... some of these are just from looking at a Rowan shade card. Grey, plain... never!

Glad you’ve joined this knitalong.