Monday, 12 November 2007

Shag Scarf

The first scarf I made from the book was the Shag Scarf. I started it rather carelessly and didn't count my rows properly, so it formed a curve and I had to go back to the beginning and concentrate properly. Once I'd made a row counter and paid attention to what I was doing, it was a fast and satisfying knit.

I often get a bit bored with garter stitch, and resentful of how much yarn it eats up, but I was so absorbed in picking up the stitches and forming the flaps that it flew by.

The yarn is Debbie Bliss's Maya (Soho in the U.S.). The colours are very subtle and are really shown off well because the scarf has so many edges. It's heavier than the prescribed yarn, so the scarf is wider and altogether more solid than anticipated but it still looks good, not out of scale. I made it a bit longer too.

I would like to make it in a very bright yarn next time and am mentally thumbing through my stash for the right yarn. I'm really looking forward to finding out what it looks like in other yarns from the other members of this knitalong.

This is a view of the back. More, and more pictures, on my blog.


LynneB said...

Your Shag looks great. It feels weird referring to the scarf by that name since someone brought it to my attention that it has a special meaning in the UK!

Maybe your first 'curved' version would have turned out interesting? I'm looking forward to seeing deviations from the written pattern!

Wendi Dunlap said...

Lynne, not only does "shag" have a special meaning to UK folks, someone has told me that "flange" is a naughty word to Australians!

So... I knitted the Shag scarf first, and now the Linked Rib which has the flanges... what is it with the risque scarves? ;-)

AnnaKika said...

The "Leafy one" looks so nice.