Monday, 12 November 2007

My "Leafy Shag" scarf and a Linked Rib

Leafy Shag scarf

Hi, all. I recently finished a Shag scarf, using the new Debbie Mumm Traditions yarn. It's annoying yarn, but the results are pretty. I really like how the pattern looks with variegated yarn. It was a very easy knit. Mine is pretty short, but I think it would also look great if it was extra long.

In Progress: Linked Rib scarf

I'm currently working on the Linked Rib scarf and I am liking that pattern a lot! I'm 18" into it so far, doing one pattern repeat each day, so I should be done in a couple of weeks at that rate.

The only problem with it is that I seem to be going through yarn faster than expected, so it might be shorter than I'd hoped. But we will see.


LynneB said...

I think Shag looks terrific in the yarn you chose... the ways it creates those multi-colored flaps.

I'm just starting linked rib in the same color you're using for a demonstration at a book signing. People think I only love grey, but this purple is so pretty.

Admin said...

Welcome aboard, Wendy. What yarn are you using for the Linked Rib?

Wendi Dunlap said...

I am using Rowan Summer Tweed, in the color 534/Delicious. It is discontinued, which is too bad because it's a really lovely color.

Thanks for the comments about Shag, Lynne. And thanks for writing such an inspiring book! And thanks, Admin, for the welcome!

Helen said...

I scooped up some of the remaining Delicious this summer because I knitted the Brandon Mably Stripy Cardigan in Vogue Knitting. I have some left which I can let you have if you want to make your scarf the full length. Summer Tweed is one of my favourite yarns, I love it.

Wendi Dunlap said...

Helen, that would be great if we could arrange it. I have gotten to just under 24" with the first skein, and it will get me part way through the next repeat before running out, so right now it looks like a 50" scarf. And I would like a longer one. :) My e-mail is litlnemo at slumberland dot org if you want to arrange a trade for the yarn. Thank you!

I love Summer Tweed so far! It's really gorgeous.