Sunday, 17 February 2008

Tilted Blocks

Christmas gift for my friend S.

Pattern: Tilted Blocks from Knitting New Scarves by Lynne Barr (Ravelry link)
Needles: 5.5 mm
Yarn: Moda Vera's Harmony. 2 skeins of Colour #18 ~ Dye lot #703225

Quick and fun to knit.



LynneB said...

Interesting how the pink pops out as little checks in a background of purple in your top photo. Looks great.

Anonymous said...
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Celtic Heart said...


Love your book. Got it yesterday and am already working on the Stacked Wedges scarf. Great directions on how to do a short row since I've never done it before.

I have a question about the pattern. I did rows 1-28 on the right wedge (page 92)......Then it says to repeat starting with ROW 3.

That would mean two more rows of knitting in addition to the 3 rows of knitting from rows 26-68. Is that right or should it be "repeat startign with ROW 5???

If you could email me at, I would really appreciate it.

I love the scarves in this book because they are a little cutting edge but not so that you'd feel ridiculous wearing them in small town America :) I'm almost afraid to bring the book to dinner with my friends tonight for fear I'll hear "Can you make me....." too many times :)


Lynne Barr said...

Hi Maureen. So far there have been no errors found in the book... and though I'm not a superstitious person I'll knock on wood anyway! I've sent a longer response to the email you posted above. Hope you got it.

Anonymous said...

Lynne, could you send me a similar response via email? I've just started the exact same pattern, and the photograph of the scarf does not seem to match the directions for right wedge - knit rows 26-28, plus knit rows 3 & 4. I would appreciate help on this. Thanks. said...

I encountered this, too, the large amount of fully knitted rows. Is this right? The photo does not seem to match the directions. Please advise. Thanks.

Lynne Barr said...

Hi two previous emails,
Helen let me know immediately that you had posted questions, so I apologize for holding up your knitting several days.

The scarf in the book was knit from the printed directions, so it does match the written pattern. The 6 rows in between the two short-row sections, created by Rows 25-28, plus Rows 3 & 4, account for the “large amount of fully knitted rows”. That section of six rows creates three full width ridges. The thing to remember, when connecting rows in the pattern to ridges on the scarf is that each ridge seen is created by a knit row on the opposite side of the scarf… so two rows are worked for every ridge.

I’ll try to connect the photo on pg90 with the directions. Starting at the bottom of the first white wedge, there are two ridges across the full width of the scarf. These two ridges were created by Rows 1-4. After the short-rows are worked (Rows 5-24), another section of full garter rows (Rows 25-28, plus Rows 3-4) creates 3 ridges across the full width of the scarf. Another repeat of Rows 5-24, creates the second section of short-rows. The final 4 rows, Rows 25-28 creates the last two full width rows of garter ridges.

If you want to email me directly with questions, please do.

Sha said...

Thank you, Lynne, for explaining this. I should have tried again before writing, I now realize.

I am enjoying the book and have been knitting samples of several projects before deciding upon a project. I admire the choice of a variegated yarn by OzKnitter!