Thursday, 14 February 2008

Pink Shag scarf and a bonus

Hi everyone,

I finished my pink Shag scarf on Feb 13th, and I wore it on Valentine’s Day!

My friend gave me 2 skeins of Patons SWS in Natural Berry. I usually don’t chose pink myself, but it turned out to be a cute girly scarf and I love it!

I made it shorter than the book said, 37 inches long, but just right for the warm L.A. winter. The yarn was made from 70% wool and 30% soy… I guess soy is a new material for yarn.

I had a little leftover yarn, so I decided to make a mini hat Christmas tree ornament. A great way to use a small amount of yarn--and never too many ornaments!

I was thinking the next thing I’ll knit from this book is “Black Pearls”. I haven’t seen any posts for Black Pearls in the knitalong yet… anyone tried?



Helen said...

Someone in the Flickr pool (see link at right) started Black Pearls; they've posted two photos. Your Shag looks terrific, such pretty soft shades.

- Steffi - said...

Lovely! Looks very soft and snuggly.

Sunny said...

To helen:
Thank you for the black Pearls info. Seems like just one person knit them... as soon as I find batting, want to start knitting it.

To -steffi-:
Thank you for the comment. I went to Finland 8 years ago. I can't forget beautiful Polar night...and I loved brown cheese!

LynneB said...

Sunny, your shag and ornament look great.

I don't know if the pearls scarf on Flicker is the same one that Helen refers to, but Avaruth knit hers as a
pearl necklace. I think Avaruth's variation would be easier to wear.

Sunny said...

To lynneb:
I checked the pearl necklace on Flicker. Making necklace instead scarf is a good idea! I liked the color too...

Anonymous said...

Sweet scarf and hat set!

I think I would choose roving for batting. Maybe the books suggests this (as it does for one of the other scarves, maybe cocoon?).

Sunny said...

To littleredhen:
Thank you for your advice.
The roving for batting is a good idea...
I don't want to buy big bag of wool batting just for the stuffing scarf because I'm not a felting person!