Saturday, 5 January 2008

Meandering Wedges

I managed to go four whole days without a New Scarf on the needles. I finished the Tahoe Shag on Saturday and cast on Meandering Wedges on Thursday. I didn't wait until I got a set of rosewood 6mm dpns; I just used the blue plastic needles I had. There's nothing wrong with blue plastic, I just find it difficult to knit with long needles these days. Since I got varifocal lenses, I can't see the needles if I have one anchored under my arm; I have to have both needles on my lap and that's easier if they're short or a circ. I can see the needles close to if I take my glasses off, but then I can't see the television, sigh.

It's an accidental combination of Meandering Stripes and Stacked Wedges, because I have 21 stitches but three alternating blocks of right and left. Perhaps Meandering Wedges, since it isn't striped? I like the idea of making it quite long so that it can be wrapped around like Steffi's, although I think mine is narrower. It's five inches wide. It's Malabrigo in Polar Morn, which is a soft white with silvery grey: in the right light, it has lavender tones. It's a very topical colour as it reminds me of dirty snow, but in a good way. Maybe not actually dirty snow, but snow which has been broken up with foot prints and paw tracks. I think it suits this pattern really well.

I like the feeling the short rows give of knitting faster and faster. The scrap of pink cotton you can see in the first photo (click if you can't see it) is there to remind me which is the top side; I switch it after every three wedges.

New jigsaw in the sidebar, for addicts.

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LynneB said...

Loving your meandering tweed.

I have an aversion to long straight needles too. I use the shortest length I can get away with ...generally dpns ...or circulars if I don't want my knitting to fall off the backside.