Tuesday, 23 June 2009

Shag gone wrong....whoops!

Here's my first attempt at Shag. The triangles are on alternate sides. I knitted in a variegated double knit so that I could see exactly what the pattern was doing. I think this particular pattern would look good in place of a button band on a cardigan to "glam" it up. Obviously in a "pretty" yarn.
Am having lots of fun with the book.

Friday, 19 June 2009

Black Pearls and Striped Wedges

I got my copy of Knitting New Scarves sometime during in April this year, after seeing some of the results on Chronic Knitting Syndrome's blog.
I'm hooked.
My daughter, 22 non-knitter, looked through and just loved Black Pearls and asked me to make it for her.
I started on the recommended needles and presumed that worsted thickness wool was equivalent to UK double knitting, after knitting around 7 pearls I was far from happy, the pearls looked too large, and the stuffing was showing through, so I pulled it back and started again, this time on UK 8s, 4mm, don't know what they are in US size.
This gave the desired look. Samantha was very pleased with her scarf.
I have also made up the striped wedges scarf, but I thought this would lend itself to being made into a rainbow. I loved the short row shaping. [Have done it before, but never knew what it was called.] The last two colours are indigo and violet, they haven't photographed very well.

I have made two others from the book, one of them being the Shag scarf, but I did it wrong, the triangles are on alternate sides...whoops! What better excuse could I have to have to try again?