Saturday, 19 April 2008

The Olympics of Knitting

I love this book! My try at Drifting Pleats set me to swearing, so I started with Fringe and then Easy Wave. Now I'm doing Hourglass and then Flapper. Once I get into shape, I'm going for Tricorner and my ultimate goal, Drifting Pleats.

It took two heavy staplers to keep my book open, so I took it to Kinkos and after a few dollars it was a spiral bound version.

I really hope there's a sequel!


Multifuncional said...
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sarah in brooklyn said...

that's so smart, to have the book spiral bound. maybe i'll do that.

i'm working on cocoons, but at the moment i don't have a camera. as soon as i get the replacement i'll post. there's a whole adventure tale that goes along with this scarf.

how did your easy wave come out? any pictures?